Musk Gold Rush

Refer-to-Earn Solar Rewards Contest

69,000 $MUSK up for grabs

5 Referrals will each win 10,000 $MUSK!

1 will win 19,000

$MUSK Rules: Submit a Solar Program referral at Solar.Musk.Gold. In order of submission, the Team will verify the Solar referral for qualification. First 5 qualified referrals win the reward!

Bonus Reward: Of the first 25 qualified referrals, one lucky referral (chosen at random) will win 19,000 $MUSK.

Every Solar filled out form is an automatic submission into the contest.

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March 2022

Thank you to all of our SXSW Visitors!

Sensory Overload

February 2022

Thank you to all the participants of our first Musk Gold Rush!

Results of our first Sticker Contest:

1st Place: @GuyTrading

2nd Place: @chicagoguy00

3rd Place: @C_Weezy87

Sticker Contest Finalists

Disclaimer: Elon Musk nor his companies are involved with $MUSK Gold.